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Private Event Inquiries

Our private events allow for a unique addition to your wedding, family reunion or retreat. We bring our horses to your location and create an environment for people to feel the incredible power horses have through interactive activities on the ground and in the saddle.

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We love meeting new groups of people and helping instill confidence, leadership, boundaries and more.  Each event is unique and customized according to your needs. We pride ourselves on the principle of empowering the individual to be safe, have tools to ride properly and to become a fair leader. Please submit your event proposal for our horse experience to be at your next event.

Local Events  - under 30 miles

Travel Fee - Waived

Set Up Fee-  $100 (may not apply)

$250/hr OR $1750/day

*30 minutes minimum of ground work

Other Events -  over 50 miles

Travel Fee - $1/mile (max of 400 miles)

Set Up Fee - $100 

$1,000/half day OR $1750/full day

*30 minutes minimum of ground work

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