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Equine Inspired Healing

  Equine Inspired Healing at Harness Your Power

Equine growth workshop help our clients build confidence and coping tools to deal with stress and challenges in today's changing world. The reason that equine inspired healing works so well is that horses are hyper-vigilant herd animals, and keen observers, with a gift for mirroring our physical movements, and emulating our emotions. You'll find that when you enroll in one of our equine growth workshop interacting with the horses gives you the feeling that you're deeply understood. Equine inspired healing is all about connection.

Horses can sense danger and respond to anxiety. We teach our clients how to focus on the animal rather than themselves during those moments. The equine growth classes teach you how to turn your attention to what's happening outside of yourself. With mindfulness practice that helps you remain calm and take responsibility. Some people may avoid taking an equine growth workshop out of fear, which is why we start slow and build tools to ensure you have self-confidence when you take your first ride.

Equine inspired healing through Harness Your Power is more than horseback riding; although, you will gain confidence by interacting in horse/rider activities. Our equine growth workshop goes beyond riding. We help you set goals that start with getting to know the horse by leading and haltering it first. Our equine facilitated learning session involves interaction with our life coach/facilitator as well.

If you're ready to try equine inspired healing, then get in touch with Harness your Power for a free phone consultation to schedule customize services and ensure that our equine growth classes are a good fit.

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