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Who Fills YOUR Cup?

As I was preparing for a speaking engagement, I reflected on my own self care journey. Let me take you back almost 8 years and paint a picture for you. I had just had my first son and I was figuring out the whole mom thing. I remember one evening (which in retrospect it had to have been the first night or two at home) I woke up to him crying. I changed his diaper, fed him and then of course had to change his diaper again. My mom was staying a couple of nights to help me and she would get up and make sure I didn't need anything. My husband would get up and make sure I didn't need anything. Don't worry I didn't accept their help! I'm a mom and I definitely knew what I was doing and didn't need help. First of all, for those of you that don't have kids, I'm being sarcastic. I was a zombie. I thought I was going to die from lack of sleep. It took me until my THIRD child to really get this. I don't have to be unable to receive help. I don't have to be dying of lack of sleep before I use my resources.

This concept of filling your cup is NOT a new one and I get that. What I want you to envision is a cup GLUED to a table. You cannot pick the cup up and pour it out. The cup gets filled by the things that make you tick. The things that make you want to get up in the morning or the things that make you feel energetic and fulfilled if you participate or engage in them. Let's be crystal clear here. YOU fill your cup. No one else fills your cup. If you feel like your cup is filled after spending time with a loved one- THEY did not fill your cup. Connection did.