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Turn a Trial into a Triumph

This month has been BEAUTIFUL and devastating at the same time. I'll start with a summary of both and then we will dive deeper into the direction you take your life and the power you have in all of it. This month started out epic. We got a call from our good friend Andrea at the Zion Red Rock which if you haven't been there- YOU HAVE TO GO! They have some incredible places to stay to relax and rejuvenate. We were asked to come down and work with Alicia Keys, her kids and her amazing producer Ann and her family. It was a unique experience with people that had never been on or around a horse. To others that had never quite experienced horses in the way we share them. There were some beautiful moments and I will never forget the connections made. I LOVE empowering people no matter who they are. I love helping people get to such an amazing present state that allows them to self reflect on who they are. Our horses are incredible and we love to be able to share them with others. Chase and I LOVE to go to the Zion Red Rock Villa AND Oasis. We love to share our horses in these beautiful locations. We love to help people experience empowerment and healing. It's what we do to the core.

Coming home was the "devastating" part of our month. We got a message from one of our client's mother informing us that he had passed away unexpectedly to a seizure. We were shocked. At a loss for words and devastated. This boy was 19 years old. When we first met him he was shaking when he was very cautiously walking up to a horse of ours. He conquered SO much as we worked with him. He was trotting on horseback just 3 weeks prior to his passing. We gave him a job to help us out with horse care and we were looking forward to having him in the same workshop he completed to help teens out that were just like he used to be/feel. Those started just 4 days after he passed away.

The beautiful part of Daniel's passing, was his sweet parents wanted people to donate to HYP to build an indoor arena in order to help more youth throughout the winter time. We were shocked, humbled and grateful for people's willingness to donate to this effort. We are calling our future building the Daniel Memorial Arena. We will NEVER forget the unique, humble, hard working man he was. We will never be able to look at his horse the same. He's yours Daniel.