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Try New Things

I was out working with a client one day and her goal of the session was for her to develop some more confidence in herself and her place in the world. She worked with a couple of horses and couldn't exactly find her place in the social group. She was nervous to open up and be vulnerable with the hor

ses and really see where she fit. We had a deep conversation about owning who she was and being confident entering new groups and new things in general. We don't have to adapt ourselves to fit into a group. We can be our authentic self and the group can adapt to who you are. The horses actually feel safer when we are not hiding anything. This hit her hard. As a parent, she realized that she requested that her children be open to try new things and make new friends, yet she was subconsciously unwilling to do that exact thing.

Trying new things doesn't mean we have to be like Will Ferrell in the Elf movie and try every little thing even gum under the seat. Haha. BUT if you are wanting to grow.. are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to be vulnerable and try new things that you never thought you would do to promote growth.