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Girl Meets Boy....

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

One day there was this incredibly handsome boy who was humble, kind, strong (mentally, physically and spiritually) and an energy that was both confident and humble at the same time. He met a girl. She was blown away by the man he was at first glance. She was used to someone that treated her very different. The girl was broken and slowly repairing herself. She was unsure of her worth. She had nothing of monetary value. Regardless, she put her best foot forward and pursued him like it was her last chance at love. And just like that, they were married 6 months later!

As the girl adjusted to married life, she became consumed by unworthy feelings and thoughts. This boy was not someone she deserved. She was broken. He was strong. She decided that there must be something wrong with him to be willing to be married to a girl who was so broken. She set out to find what was wrong with him. She found it. The girl realized that the boy was closed off, quiet and unwilling to open up to her. She knew it. He wasn't as wonderful as she thought. Perfect. Now she can continue living her unworthy and broken life. She continued to relate to this boy as someone who was unwilling to open up and connect deeply. The boy continued to deliver. This was the miserable life that the girl knew she was worthy of. She finally felt uncomfortably comfortable with the life she was living. She knew she deserved it and she got what she deserved.