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Get Outdoors & Live More Abundantly

As the warmer weather is approaching and our youth workshops are opening up it's reminding me of the peace and calmness that exists outdoors. Almost ALL of our clients that we work with both youth and adults talk about the peacefulness and calm within that they feel out in the pasture with our horses. We always ask each client to check their phones at the gate and to be intentional about being present with the horses. This allows them to be safer because they are focused on the 1,200lb animal that is in front of them instead of their phone. It also allows for them to have connection with others and the horses. We are so used to being preoccupied and multitasking, but what if you were to look up and see that someone was standing right in front of you like this horse.... needing you? How many times has this happened and you didn't even realize that it did?

Phones allow us to be connected to so many people all in the palm of our hands and at the same time, but they disconnect us from those that are right in front of us. A lot of what we do with the youth is teaching them how to truly connect, communicate and understand people or animals in person. We improve our communication skills by establishing better self awareness and emotional awareness. This helps us identify what we are bringing into a conversation and gives them a little more acc