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Be Here Now

A lot of us are constantly focused on the next best thing. I look back on my life and see myself constantly saying, "if only I had this, then I would be happy." Once I got that I realized that happiness still didn't seem like I had "achieved" it. First of all, I truly believe that happiness is not something we get, but something we choose to feel. The circumstances are not important. Our attitude most definitely does. The concept of be here now is something I truly have been able to fully understand because of horses AND children (oh how similar they are). The reason I feel that horses are so good at this is because they are constantly worried about their well being, SO if they are living in the past, then they can't fully focus on the present which is where their well being is. They also can't stress about the future because that takes the focus of here and now which again is where their well being is. I read a quote today by Sarah Mackenzie that says, "don't just do something, sit here." Sometimes horses are the best to teach us this because we expect this amazing connection with the horse, but don't realize how disconnecting our conversations in our head about the past or future. The horse wants you to just be here now. That's all they ask. How often do our children want us to stop "doing" and and just sit there with them?

As we work on being present and finding gratitude in the present moment whether it be considered good or bad circumstances, we will take back some incredible power that we have given away to our circumstances. We will be on the offense side of things and take more action when necessary and just be when necessary. Celebrating EVERY single time that life calls for it and then maybe a little extra for good measure.

How in this world do we "be here now" more and less concerned about the what ifs of yesterday and tomorrow? Honestly, I think meditation is a great practice. When meditating I focus on my breath a lot. I thank the Mindful Movement on YouTube for that. She says, "You cannot get back breath from your past nor can you make a future breath come any sooner than the future moment." SO if we are focused on our breath we are practicing being here and now! It's the little habits that make up our life and who we are.

I know sometimes there are things in our life that are excruciating. That seem unbearable. BUT I am so grateful for those experiences and feelings because it helps me have so much gratitude for the times of love, abundance and joy. It helps us appreciate health when we have had a health challenge. Something many of us take for granted. We may appreciate marriage or love if we have experienced a divorce or death. It's in the pains of yesterday that bring gratitude for today. Don't let the pains of yesterday spill over into today. Yesterday is gone and not coming back to look for you.

Sometimes being here and now means letting go of yesterday or tomorrow. Letting go of traumas and trials. The difficulty with this is that it sometimes ends up changing who we are. Let me explain. As I have experienced my own traumas in my life, I allowed those to make up my identity. Without them who am I? I am grateful for the pains of yesterday that bring me gratitude for today, but I don't need to continue to identify myself in the terms of yesterday. When I experienced my parents divorce, I thought that I would always feel like we had a broken home. That meant that step parents were awful and my parents apart was awful too. This made me see myself as part of this brokenness. Now over a decade later I no longer see my parents apart as awful and my step parents are incredible. And me? I am not broken because a promise was broken that affected me. This changed my story. I had to rewrite it which was difficult and included some epic face plants, BUT I don't have to have the pains of yesterday make me feel like a powerless victim today. I am beyond grateful today because of those pains. It makes my commitment in marriage that much stronger. It makes my appreciation and respect for my parents even greater. It has been one of the most important life lessons in my life. I no longer have to be the child from a broken home. I am the courageous child that decided to grow up and love anyway. To marry anyway. To improve myself anyway.

What rewrite do you need to have for the pains of yesterday? Is there a pain that is included in your identity that you no longer want? You CAN get rid of it. You CAN choose to be here and now and let the pains of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow fade each time you decide to be here and now versus anywhere else. You owe that to yourself. You may experience more joy and fulfillment!

Be here and now is not an easy task believe me, but with practice it is both worth it and enjoyable. Be aware of the things that you may need to rewrite in your life that may be currently stealing your joy or ability to be present. What gratitude can you find in the pains of yesterday to experience a better today? You are the author of your story, so take liberties where necessary and write the story you want to live. Don't miss out on the joys of today by worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow is not promised.

Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel and see my meditation playlist! My favorite is the 20 minute guided meditation. It will help you relax at night OR wake up more peaceful and present. Find joy here and now.

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