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Be Here Now

A lot of us are constantly focused on the next best thing. I look back on my life and see myself constantly saying, "if only I had this, then I would be happy." Once I got that I realized that happiness still didn't seem like I had "achieved" it. First of all, I truly believe that happiness is not something we get, but something we choose to feel. The circumstances are not important. Our attitude most definitely does. The concept of be here now is something I truly have been able to fully understand because of horses AND children (oh how similar they are). The reason I feel that horses are so good at this is because they are constantly worried about their well being, SO if they are living in the past, then they can't fully focus on the present which is where their well being is. They also can't stress about the future because that takes the focus of here and now which again is where their well being is. I read a quote today by Sarah Mackenzie that says, "don't just do something, sit here." Sometimes horses are the best to teach us this because we expect this amazing connection with the horse, but don't realize how disconnecting our conversations in our head about the past or future. The horse wants you to just be here now. That's all they ask. How often do our children want us to stop "doing" and and just sit there with them?