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Another Lesson Another Dream...

I just recently had a dream that I am willing to share in hopes that you may benefit. Now please remember that I have really vivid intense dreams like this all of the time. I feel intensely, so the drama of this dream will reflect that.

I am driving on this road with my sweet mother as we hear a siren coming towards us. We slow down and see smoke from a building extremely close to the road. It had been on fire for a while and I couldn't see any flames, but the building was leaning into the road. I had a moment of contemplation as I was slowly still driving towards it, but I decided that I would keep moving forward. This road I was on turned into a C shaped road as it curved around the building and was a bridge over a cliff. As we were driving slowly, the road began to crack and I'm not exactly sure how we got out of the car, but part of the road had broken and allowed our car to fall to the ground. We somehow were holding on to the edge of the road. My mom was very close to where she could climb back up onto the non bridged road and save herself. She quickly climbed up and fire fighters ran to her, so she couldn't come to me. I was frozen with a death grip on the ledge. For those of you that don't know, I am deathly afraid of heights, so this is extremely terrifying for me. I look up and see approximately 4 to 6 horses right in front of me. The were in short stall type enclosures and couldn't budge. I saw the fear in their eyes and screamed to my mom telling her there were horses that needed to be rescued. Ok so I am the victim at this point. I am trapped. I can't possible hold my grip much longer and most definitely cannot get to where my mom is. I feel hopeless and so sad that I can't help the horses.

I am woken up by this fear and hopelessness feeling. I decide to pray and ask God if He will help me stop feeling so terrified. I quickly fell back asleep and it was as if I was able to rewind the dream.

I was now back on the other side of the bridge before we had lost our car down the deep cliffs. I was not going to cross the road this time, but I decided that instead of feeling so helpless that I was going to empower myself. How would I do that you ask (this is where the theatrics of my mind com