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Life Coach Near Me

  Life Coach Near Me: Accelerate Your Self-Confidence

If you're looking for a life coach near me, maybe you have the type of coach in mind that will suit you best. But have you ever considered using horses to accelerate your self-confidence? There is nothing that feels more like freedom than connecting or riding a horse, and nothing can accelerate your self-confidence more than doing so. Maybe you've longed for that experience, but are nervous about trying. At Harness Your power, you'll find more than a life coach near me, you'll find new friends and new confidence.

While you'll still get the life coach near me that you're looking for—you will also work with a life coach/facilitator who understands that horses can help us to understand ourselves and gain control over our anxiety and other limiting beliefs. You'll care for the horses—brush and connect with them, learn how to halter and lead, and feed them too. The life coach near me at Harness Your Power will help you to direct your focus, enabling you to gain confidence and self-esteem.

Horses can sense danger and respond to anxiety, but they never judge you. We teach our clients how to focus on the animal rather than themselves during those moments. Horses teach you how to turn your attention to what's happening outside of yourself, with a mindfulness practice that helps you remain calm and take responsibility. Some people may avoid going through with finding a life coach near me out of fear. We start slow and build tools to ensure you have self-confidence.

Equine inspired life coaching through Harness Your Power is more than horseback riding; although, you will gain confidence by interacting in horse/rider activities. Our healing with horses goes beyond riding. Our equine life coach session involves interaction with our life coach/facilitator as well.

If you're ready to transform your life, then get in touch with Harness your Power for a free phone consultation to schedule customize services and ensure that we fit your expectations in your search for a life coach near me. Let's accelerate your self-confidence together.

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