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The Beginning

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Horses have been a part of my life one way or another ever since I can remember, but it's not until I was 17 where they began to truly heal my soul. I was experiencing the divorce of my parents and all the heartache, confusion and pain that it entails. New schools, shared holidays, dating parents and everything in between. During this time, I most definitely was NOT processing what was happening with my family of origin in a complete or healthy way. I honestly didn't know who I was or where I was going in my life.

I spent a summer in the beautiful state of Washington where I worked at a place with horses. We cared for them and held summer camps for little girls teaching them the basics about horse care, horsemanship and how to connect with a horse. I couldn't understand it then, but I was drawn to them in a different way than I had experienced before. I experienced peace and understanding in their presence. The work was hard, the sun was hot and it seemed it would never end, BUT in hindsight they were healing me in ways I never knew were possible from a creature who didn't even speak my language. They were aware of me, listened to me, walked with me and eventually sparked my interest in their healing abilities. After this experience, I was able to attend a leadership weekend with young girls (it's a nice way of saying a camp with girls who have "stuff" they are going through) where we practiced some martial arts, writing in journals, sharing our stories and eventually working with a horse. I literally become emotional every time I think of this very simple, yet profound personal experience I had. We were asked to write down our story. What made me the person I was. All the girls there had WAY heavier stuff going on than I did, but I was struggling. We were then asked (regardless of any experience we had with horses) to go out into the arena with one horse, read our story, and experience what happened. I read my story in the middle of the arena alone with the horse at the fence. As I read, I began to cry. My idol couple, my parents, my family, was broken. I was beyond devastated. I felt lost and alone. I wanted it to all go away. As I finished my card, I looked up to a horse right next to me with his head hung low just being with me. Supporting me, listening to me and making sure that loneliness would subside with his simple and authentic presence. I went home making it my mission to create that healing, understanding and growth promoting opportunity for others. Thirteen years later, I've studied individuals and families and their diverse and complex dynamics. I have a passion for enriching relationships and empowering people to create lasting change in their life all while finding joy in their circumstances no matter how messy or difficult. I am forever grateful for my 2,000 lb. therapist and confidant and I continue to grow and change as I am open, honest and vulnerable with them.

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you as we grow and change together, allowing horses and nature to be the vessel for personal growth and change, find joy in each circumstance and empower one another to pursue our passions and create lasting change.

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