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Spring is HERE!

As we are now in Spring, I thought it would be applicable to talk about the Spring and what it can represent for each of us. In Utah, Spring is a very different experience than Winter. There is literally more darkness in Winter and things are so cold that very little grows. People even experience seasonal depression. As we think about this time of year, let's think about how this relates to our lives. The concept of the seasons. First of all, we know every year that Spring is coming, but we also know that it is going. The winter darkness does not last forever either.

This is like working out. Every year many people want to look good in a swimsuit, but these thoughts only come to them in a panic when it is March or even April giving them little time to prepare. There is no guarantee we will look good in the harvest, but we still must stick to our plans and execute them EVERYDAY!

We cannot expect to get fit and swimsuit ready overnight. The same is true for every goal, but sometimes that means working in the darkness. Or preparing for the season in a season where you are wearing layers upon layers of clothing and no one will see your progress. Is it about others praise? Or is it about setting a goal and executing it no matter who is there to cheer you on. Is it about doing better than you did last season? Who are you competing against? If it's yourself, then you will always be improving and there will always be a reward. If it is someone else, then you may constantly experiencing feelings of resentment or a big fat ego.

Don't talk yourself out of your goals because you aren't in Spring. And the same for being in the Spring. Just because we are now in Spring does not mean we stop pushing for our goals. We don't tell ourselves- shoot now we are in Spring and we didn't make it. You tell yourself it's SPRING let's PUSH! The same for any season.

YOU matter, you are worthy, you are powerful and you are beautiful! You deserve to push for those goals. It's not always about the result you get, but about the growth you experience along the way to those goals. Don't fear setting goals and then not achieving them. Fear not setting any goals and not experiencing and growth or change. You will be amazed at the opportunities and doors that open for you if you are simply in pursuit of your goal. Your goals may change along the way and that's ok. You are growing, evolving and changing and there is very little that is equally as fulfilling as that.

This is why our Youth Workshops are so powerful because these youth are not used to such profound experiences with pushing through and being committed to the growth and change. They aren't used to doing things anyway no matter how silly you look. Improving anyway. They aren't used to taking self generated accountability for their life, their goals and their future. They aren't used to being aware of themselves physically and emotionally the way we teach them to. Helping them through the darkness of Winter so they can experience the Spring and the abundance it has to offer.

Click the link below for more information on our Youth Workshops:

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