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Empower ME Women's Retreat
November 3 - 6, 2022 - Springdale, UT

Private Chef will provide delicious AND healthy meals every day of the retreat because food matters too!

Yoga Class

Movement for beginners to wake up our bodies and our brains!

Women Holding Hands

Author Suzanne Mayo Frindt & Private Coach Diane Sharpe will guide & empower us on our journey to better communication, vision, mental & emotional barriers AND more in a FUN & interactive way!!

Worth Of One Retreat - 2020-5.jpg

Husband & Wife, Chase & Kirstin will teach emotional awareness, leadership, trust and connection through presentations, horsemanship & riding opportunities!

Empower ME Women's Retreat

Chase and Kirstin LOVE Women's Retreats because as Chase says, "women are SO open to growth and change." They also enjoy them because they recognize the influence and impact a woman has on families, communities, businesses and more. Empowering one who impacts many to create change is their motto. YOU have the power to create that change. Chase and Kirstin have dedicated their lives to help individuals heal and empower themselves through horsemanship and riding because they have seen this work literally save marriages and lives. They are excited to announce a Women's Retreat in line with their mission: To help heal and empower others! This retreat will help women achieve this through opportunities such as; beginner's movement group, interactive presentations, private coaching, healthy food, horsemanship and riding. Most importantly empty space in this gorgeous location to reflect and recreate! This retreat is an opportunity to focus on being present AND moving towards the person you want to become. Letting go of what is holding you back to create opportunities for your future AND having fun while doing it! 

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