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Equine Inspired Healing & Growth

Equine Inspired Healing & Growth

Harness Your Power

Our Youth Empowerment Program will help your child gain the self worth and confidence they need to unlock their potential and take accountability for their future! We help them achieve this with experiential learning through horsemanship and riding. We have the most accepting, safe and loving horses and team committed to empowering youth in a peaceful and respectful way.

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Harness Your Power is committed to helping our clients practice being in the present moment, developing a powerful connection with a horse and  providing them a safe and non judgmental way to  heal and empower themselves. We are committed to supporting our clients in the improvement of their personal, professional and educational relationships by enhancing leadership skills, self esteem, self confidence, self efficacy, self awareness all while finding joy in their circumstances.

Client Testimonials

My 10 year daughter has been in love with horses since she was tiny and we are not a horse family. I checked around at all the options for her to get involved with her dream of owning horses one day. I was impressed with the philosophy of Harness your Power and decided to give it a try.After just a couple months of the program, my daughter learned to saddle a horse, do ground work, and trot around all on her own. She has gained so much confidence because of the program's philosophy of independence. They take their teaching seriously. This is no pre-saddled pony ride, this is a powerful program that helps kids take ownership and responsibility of their own growth, learning and connection with these beautiful powerful animals.Looking forward to continuing to grow with the horse teachers and human teachers this coming year!  ~ JENNIFER R.

Anytime anyone can interact with animals and learn to care for them, I think it improves the heart of anyone. It’s one thing to get along with humans. But to be able to control and communicate with such a large beautiful creature is really remarkable. My son has been in the program over a year. His confidence around horses has increased. He has been able to learn how his mood and feelings really show while he is on the horse. He mentions how he has to be more gentle and have “soft hands” or else the horse won’t react the way he wants to. That can  benefit his relate to real life relationships also. He loves Kirsten and Chase! They are patient with him as he takes the reins! I believe This has been a great decision for us to have him attend these classes as it has taught him life skills and how to improve his relationships with those he interacts with.  ~ LACIE

My daughter has absolutely loved her time with Harness Your Power.  We just moved here last year and she was worried about finding people she could connect with. She definitely has found it here.  ~ BETH

My daughter Annie has been coming to Harness Your Power for 4 months. It is best thing for Annie she is coming out of her shell and gaining confidence.  Kristen and Chase are the best! They are patient, kind and understanding with all of the kids and they get the kids to learn while having fun! ~ CHERI S.

This was the best thing for my granddaughter.  She was so depressed  and unable to talk to people. This changed for her. Her grades went up. She gained confidence in herself and has been outgoing and a happier child. Thanks for this program. ~ JOYCE

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