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Equine Facilitated


What to expect

Potential sessions based on needs and goals of client.


Meet the Herd

Find out what you can about these horses that you may not have noticed or known before (i.e. social interactions).


Choose a Horse

Develop a relationship with a loving, self aware and accepting being and begin to build trust and communication skills.


Feed the Herd

Experience effective non verbal communication through the movement of the horses and learn more about safety.


Find the Bubble

Communicate to a horse your bubble as you find his. Continue to develop trust and leadership as you connect and serve. 


Self Care

Experience the importance of self care and finding those that help you honor that commitment.


Move a Horse

Move a horse with your body. Develop a deeper understanding of self awareness & leadership skills.


Self Awareness

Heighten self awareness & better understand how you & your surroundings influence you and others.


Lead a Horse

Test your trustworthiness and leadership skills as you lead your horse with confidence in one self.

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